PASCO‘s goal is to create innovative products that exceeded existing offerings or that were completely new to the marketplace. We strive for innovation while helping educators stretch their budget and maintaining quality.
For the first few decades PASCO’s focus was on first-rate physics apparatus, something that is still one of our hallmarks today. Then PASCO branched out into being one of the first companies to offer probe ware solutions: sensors, interfaces and data collection and analysis software. From there on offerings just continued to grow. Anywhere PASCO saw an opportunity to put new tools in the hands of educators they developed what they felt were the best products in the market.

Ease of Use
Students using PASCO solutions range from elementary school children doing basic investigations on heat with a temperature probe to university students determining Planck’s constant with our Photoelectric Effect System.
Frontier Technologies & Services is proud of its Partnership we have with PASCO and the products that are created and manufactured by PASCO. We are committed to supporting PASCO products and solutions.